Agents of Positivity: Komunikathon 2019 participants combat cyberbullying, fake news, and online privacy issues through digital hackathon

18th September 2019

NIB Dir. Virginia Agtay during her discussion on Information Disorder.

Students from 16 different schools transformed into agents of positivity as they fought against three major social media issues during the first inter-school digital hackathon — Komunikathon 2019. Rampant issues such as fake news, cyberbullying, and threats on online privacy have been endangering the social media space. Students sparked change through their innovative and creative ideas. A total of 206 grade 8 to 12 students were immersed in a comprehensive two-day digital hackathon last September 12-13, 2019 that allowed them to come up with a project proposal on their designated category. On the first day of the event, News and Information Bureau Director Virginia Agtay helped the participants gain knowledge on combating fake news through her Information Disorder seminar.


Online/Data privacy group of Centro Escolar University presenting their project proposal.

On top of such informative discussion, each group consulted with reputable mentors from various fields. Dr. Clodualdo Del Mundo (communications professor), Dr. Fernando Carandang Jr. (clinical psychologist), Ma. Concepcion Sangil (anti-cyberbullying advocate), and Raqib Idris (IT specialist) gave constructive criticisms and suggestions on their initial ideas. These ideas written as concept paper were finalized and presented to the judges through a 5-minute pitch on the following day.

Fake News category:
Champion: Holy Angel University (
1st runner up: Polytechnic University of the Philippines Laboratory High School (Fake?!)
2nd runner up: Centro Escolar Integrated School (Itama-mayan web app)

Cyberbullying category:
Champion: Holy Angel University (EVAID)
1st runner up: E. Rodriguez Vocational High School (MECS FILTER)
2nd runner up: Holy Family Academy (B-Anti Cyberbullying)

Online/Data Privacy category:
Champion: Don Bosco Technical College (Valkyrie)
1st runner up: Polytechnic University of the Philippines Laboratory High School (Privatized)
2nd runner up: AppBiso (Centro Escolar Integrated School)

Best Pitch:
School of the Holy Spirit of Quezon City (IRAYA)

The students’ drive to make a difference in cyberspace was not solely seen on their project proposals. Students also committed to continue being agents of positivity by being responsible social media users during their pledge.


Participants promising to be responsible digital citizens during the pledge.