CFA’s First Short Film on DOCAT

by Daryl Elize Bañez
2nd April 2019

Docat: The Catechism of the Catholic Social Teaching, for youth is a book that recapitulates the main points of the social doctrine of the Church, in Pope Francis’ words, a “manual of knowledge”. This sprung from his vision to have a million of Christians or an entire generation to epitomize the social teachings of the Church. Docat has twelve (12) themes that address concerns about that the Catholic church consider to be of great importance such as family, the common good, God’s plan for the world, the social mission of the Church, and many others. We at CFA share the same vision as that of Pope Francis. We also want to realize that desire of creating a generation of champions for the Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Hence, last year we launched a story writing contest for 13 to 19 years old, entitled “Do It Docat.” The stories are based on the said twelve themes in Docat. With the support of our friends from the Aid to the Church in Need and in media partnership with TV Maria, we aim to translate the twelve themes in Docat into short stories for the youth to better understand them. The short stories will be based on the winning entries concomitant with the “Do It Docat” story writing contest. Aninag or in English “reflection,” or “to slightly see,” is the title of the first of the twelve short films. Written and directed by our very own Ms. Josephine Mabanta – Fenomeno;

Aninag will encapsulate what God’s love really is, which is one of the twelve themes in Docat.


This short film revolves around the lives of three women from different backgrounds. Moira and Wendy are the new patients of a drug rehabilitation center, while Ms. Thea is the head of the said institution. The short film depicts the three protagonists’ inner struggles, the conflict that ensued between them, and how they will resolve their issues. Most of all, it will show how God’s love will work on each one of them when all they can see is darkness. Catch this heart-warming short film this first quarter of 2019 at TV Maria.