CFA Launches KWENTRATO: Mga Kwentong Bida sa Litrato

JUNE 11TH 2014

As part of the Communication Foundation for Asia’s (CFA) broader efforts to bridge the youth and media for total human development, CFA presents “KWENTRATO: Mga Kwentong Bida sa Litrato”.

Capture photos using your smartphones, tablets, or digital cameras, describing “ANG KABATAANG BIDA” and join “KWENTRATO: Mga Kwentong Bida sa Litrato”. We’ll be looking for original photos showing the youth as BIDAs: B-believes in holiness and heroism, I-instrumental to change, D-develops one’s potentials not only for one’s self but also for the common good and, A-advocates kindness and good deeds. Add 3-5 sentences describing each photo to make your BIDA story. Best ten (10) entries will be featured in CFA magazines, websites and will receive prizes.

To accommodate more entries, end of submission is extended until December 12, 2014.

Click Here to download the registration form.