CFA with Children of Light

written by caritasmanilaadmin
SEPT 5th 2017

The Children of Light Foundation had their one-day production training workshop last August 3, 2017, with Ms. Pie Mabanta-Fenomeno, Communication Foundation for Asia’s VP for Operations, as their resource speaker.

In the first part of the workshop, the Children of Light shared that the Sta. Cruz Parish will be establishing a Media Ministry because it will become a National Shrine and the directive of the Archdiocese of Manila is to engage into social media evangelization. They will use the Media Ministry to tell the history of their parish, parishioners’ stories and testimonials, and upcoming important events. This part of the workshop emphasized that they first need to know the specific message that they are trying to convey and they should also know and research about their audiences for the foundation of the Media Ministry.

The second part of the workshop is all about the basics of production. The attendees got in touch with their critical thinking and creative side through different exercises. They also learned how to tell a story in the simplest ways and how one shot can tell different stories and express different emotions.
With this workshop, Ms. Pie pointed out that they should use media as a “call to action”. Media is a powerful tool and they should use it to impact a good influence on people.

The Children of Light Foundation is “a community of disciples living the life of Jesus as the Light of the World and remaining in his love to witness and draw more people to God through Evangelization and Shepherding”.