CFA Radio Dramas to be revived through Podcast

Sept 2nd 2015

T he Communication Foundation for Asia’s “Isang Dipa Langit”, “Kung Kailangan Mo Ako”, “Sa Dibdib ng Langit” and other renowned radio dramas will once again be heard through the digital media of podcasting, which is the new medium of an episodic series of digital radio. The Podcast will be called ‘CFA Sanctuner’.

Another segment will include Daily Gospel and Reflections (a ten minute guide and reflective comments based on daily gospel), Pop Media 101 (an interactive discussion on the pop culture, media literacy, latest technology, etc ), Politikool (segment tackling different issues on politics in a comical attack ) and Oh My Feast! (features church-related trivia’s etc.) are some of the many other segments to tune in for.

CFA Sanctuner podcast will be running from Mondays to Fridays starting this second week of September.

Do follow for episode updates.