The Challenges of K-12 Workshop’s Registration Still Open!

Oct 12th 2015

C ommunication Foundation for Asia’s much awaited workshop, “The Challenges of K-12” is set to happen this Wednesday, 14th of October 2015 from 8am to 5pm at Communication Foundation for Asia. This workshop aims to answer educators and school administrators’ questions on K-12. Questions that include:

  • “How do I make K-12 succeed in my school?”
  • “Are there K-12 success stories in other countries, and how do I apply them in my school or locality?”
  • “How do I overcome resistance to K-12?”

Leading the workshop is Mr. Henri (“Henk”) Ankoné, a consummate educator whose fields of expertise include curriculum development (from the national level to the classroom level), school development, teacher training/coaching, development of teaching resources and skills based teaching and learning.

He will also be joined other resource persons. Dr. Emerita Reyes of University of Makati will discuss the measures and guidelines in piloting a K-12 curriculum successfully; and Dr. Willie Cabral, Assistant Regional Director of Department of Education, will tackle the right implementation of the K-12 Program.

Registration is still open. To register and to know more about the workshop, please visit