New Book Launched at Film & Faith 3 Seminar and Festival

FEB 16TH 2009

The Communication Foundation for Asia has launched its second book in the Film and Faith series authored by Fr. Peter Malone, MSC. The book, Film, Faith & the Church, was launched on the first day of CFA’s 3rd Film and Faith Seminar titled “Search for God in Film”, held last January 17-19, 2009 at the Lagerwey Hall. The seminar was followed by a six-day festival – a free exhibition of Signis award-winning films.

The book focuses on the varied facets of spirituality in films, on portrayals of the Church and the very human representatives who work in God’s name. This is a sequel to Fr Malone’s first book for CFA entitled Film & Faith, which was released in 2008 during the second Film and Faith Seminar. Fr. Malone is an active film reviewer and author, having written more than two dozen books on theology, spirituality and cinema, including Movie Christs and Antichrists, Film and Values and the 4-volume series Lights, Camera…Faith!

During the Film and Faith 3 seminar, Fr. Malone led about 50 priests, nuns, educators, formators and film enthusiasts on a journey of faith-discovery and faith-building through cinema. Films featured were those with representations of nuns and priests and those that were not explicitly religious. He also guided participants in analyzing portrayals of angels and devils in films. The search for God was made through viewing of clips for analysis, reflection and discussion, using biblical analogies and references.

In the afternoon of January 19, a mini-festival of Signis Award-winning films opened. Eleven films from various foreign countries as well as two films from the Philippines were shown and discussed in forums moderated Fr Malone. During the showing of one Filipino film, “Magnifico”, the director himself, Maryo J. De los Reyes, was there to help participants analyze his film.

In 2010, Fr. Peter Malone will be back in Manila for the Film and Faith 4 Seminar, which will be on Asian Spirituality in Film, with a special focus on Filipino films. A book is also being planned, tentatively titled Film and Faith: the Philippine Experience, which will feature Filipino movie directors and writers and their films.