CFA Joins Launching of ERDA's New Projects in Tondo

FEB 26TH 2009

CFA joined the Educational Research and Development Assistance (ERDA) Foundation at the launching of two ERDA projects–BK RESToRe and ABK2 educational kariton (e-ka). The launching was held February 23, 2009 at ERDA SaBaNa Center in Tondo, Manila. The Communication Foundation for Asia contributed copies of its popular children’s comics-magazines as educational materials for these new projects. Ms. Teresita Z. Hermano, Executive Director, and other staff from the Publications and Sales Departments represented CFA at the launching event.

ERDA is CFA’s partner for a new project called “Alternative Learning Materials for Tondo Slum Children”, for which CFA has obtained funding support from Feed the Minds in the UK. This envisions the production of workbooks, interactive CDs, educational games and exercises for indigent children in ERDA’s advocacy and educational programs. Previously, CFA has also supported ERDA with training workshops (on puppetry, team-building and web design) sponsored by LJP in the Netherlands.

Founded by Fr. Pierre Tritz in 1974, ERDA is an organization that provides educational and community assistance or protection to children in need, such as street children, scavengers, child laborers, school dropouts and children in conflict with the law (CICL). Its new project

BK-RESToRe stands for Buhay Kalikasan- Revitalizing and Expanding Services Towards Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL). It offers a Youth Home for 15- to 17-year old CICL who have been released from detention centers but require supplementary intervention and diversion programs.

An offshoot of ERDA’s previous mobile school project e-mo (education mobile), e-ka is a roving school in the form of a kariton (push cart). It uses creative and innovative educational materials, such as storybooks, textbooks, puppetry and art materials, a mini-blackboard, mats, sound system and other teaching aids to encourage education and facilitate learning among children, especially child laborers. The e-ka is also an avenue for educating children about their rights.

Representatives from different affiliated groups, such as UNICEF, the Departments of Education and of Social Welfare and Development, other NGOs and local government units also joined ERDA for the launching.