New Board Members for CFA

MARCH 17TH 2009

The Foundation members of CFA gathered for their Annual meeting on 16 March 2009 to discuss CFA’s operations for the year, and to elect the Board members who will serve one- or two-year terms as CFA Trustees. Two new members were elected to the Board: Msgr. Pedro Quitorio, representing the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), and Ms Boots Anson Roa.

Monsignor Quitorio is Vice-President of CBCP World and editor-in-chief of the CBCP Monitor. Ms Boots Anson-Roa is the Executive Director of Mowelfund and a well-known stalwart in the movie industry. Both have been involved in past CFA activities. Msgr. Quitorio has attended previous CFA consultation meetings. Ms Roa, on the other hand, was the leading lady of CFA’s first movie production, “Batingaw” (1974), and has since appeared in other CFA programs on TV and special events.

The members of the Board who also serve as officers are: Fr Tito Maratas, MSC, who was re-elected chairman, Fr Filoteo Pelingon, MSC, who remains President of CFA, and Fr Leonardo Cabrera, who was elected Vice-President and Treasurer. Other Board members are: Ms Teresita Hermano, who is also Executive Director of CFA, Ambassador Henrietta de Villa, Mrs Grace Freires and Mrs Lulu Virtusio.

Before the elections, members reviewed the reports of the CFA President and of the Executive Director for the past year and the Foundation’s plans for the coming year. The members congratulated CFA executives and staff who were able to accomplish so many worthwhile projects. Ambassador de Villa particularly cited three projects she had seen or been involved in: the Peace Camp video and exhibit, which she thought would be of interest to other schools and foreign embassies here, the Pondo ng Pinoy Media Support, which had produced beautiful and useful designs as a result of CFA’s Poster Design Contest, and the well-attended Forum on Media and the Elections, which CFA had done in partnership with PPCRV.