“Dear Peace” Shown at Our Lady of Peace School

Sept 13th 2009

F ive hundred seventy six students from Our Lady of Peace School in Antipolo, Rizal (OLPS) watched and discussed CFA’s Peace Camp 1 video documentary, ‘Dear Peace’ last September 3, 2009, in celebration of Peace Month. CFA was invited to make the peace presentation by the school principal Sr. Felicitas Bernardo, SPC, as part of a project by the OLPS High School Department, MAKABAYAN Area, headed by Ms Susan Macabangon.

CFA Training Department Head Ms Bob Lopez and Training Officer Doods Santiago facilitated the forum after the video showing. The participants were composed of 3rd and 4th year High School students, who engaged in spirited discussions on peace and its challenges.

During the forum, students shared their collective reflection on how CFA’s 2006 Peace Camp helped the students from Avanceña High School learn to accept their differences in order to attain a peaceful and harmonious school community. Some were struck by the part of the video when the two characters (Diane and Kris) sent their letters of peace like a boat and a dove, symbolizing their response to the challenges of peace-building.

For Alyssa Mojar, what was significant was the way the Muslim and Christian students interacted with one another after the Peace Camp. Most of the students agreed with the statement in the video, “There is no way to peace, peace is the way.” Many of them commented that after watching the video, they realized that peace is about meaningful communication, respecting each others’ differences and living harmoniously despite their differences in beliefs and religion.

The OLPS students also expressed how the video challenged them to work for peace in their own school community. Claire Marie Delfino in her sharing, believed that the challenge of peace for her is how to start peace within herself and to become a good model in promoting its ideals. A fourth year student, Jan Joshua Escano said that the challenge for him is how to accept people who have a different religion. For Charlene Halcon and her group, digging deeper for the truth and avoiding biases are among the many challenges that they have to face. Others said that the greatest challenge is how to promote peace in their own community while another group believed that the challenge lies in discovering how they could become an ambassador of peace in their own little way. They agreed that it can only be through respect, understanding, open mindedness, awareness and love that peace can be attained.

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