Gospel Storytelling Campaign goes Animated

by Daryl Elize Bañez
4th April 2019

Ms. Alma G. Aro of CFA’s Planning and Project Development Section asking questions to the kids.

In line with the GKTV launching that we had, our Gospel Storytelling Campaign has leveled up from the traditional picture books and big books that we have been using. On February 15, 2019, our staff from the Office of the President and the Planning and Project Development Section shared a Gospel story using one of the episodes of GKTV for the very first time. The episode “Be Prepared” is based on the Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids.

The students very focused on the screen while watching the animated GKTV show.

The students of Manila Day Care Center enjoyed the animated story. They were all focused while watching the show. After that, a question and answer portion was done to test if the students understood what they had viewed. Those with correct answers received prizes. Snack time followed right after; the students ate their cookies and fruit drinks with gusto. The group wrapped up the event with nursery rhyme songs and the kids sang and danced enthusiastically. More Gospel Storytelling events are to follow in the coming months.