CFA Covers 2010 Elections

Jun 1st 2010

On May 10, 2010, CFA did not miss the chance to again be part of history when it did its own video documentation of the country’s first automated elections. Working in three small teams, CFA covered election proceedings in Bulacan, Quezon City and Cainta, from the time the precincts opened until the initial canvassing at the PPCRV headquarters in U.N. Avenue. CFA witnessed the influx of voters as early as 7:00am, the efforts of BOIs (Board of Inspectors) and public school teachers to organize the voting, the problems encountered in using the PCOS machines for the first time and the experience of PPCRV volunteers who actively participated behind the scenes.

The CFA media team went around three areas in Bulacan, namely the Prenza, Marilao, Bagbagin, Sta. Maria and Malolos. In Metro Manila, another team interviewed voters exiting from the Quirino Elementary School precinct in Anonas, Quezon City and then proceeded to monitor the PPCRV Central Command canvassing until late that night. CFA also covered the proceedings at a precinct in Cainta.

All of the CFA teams observed the enthusiasm of Filipinos to participate in this election. They came earlier than any other election day. Some patiently waited in line for hours even if they had to miss other appointments. Most were tolerant of the obvious lack of system and unpreparedness in some precincts. Everyone was determined to cast their very important vote.

The automated proceedings sometimes seemed to confuse some voters but excited mostly the younger ones. There were different opinions on whether manual voting is better than automated, nonetheless, volunteers and elections officers worked round the clock, sometimes improvising ways on the spot, to accommodate and assist the voters. The efficient support of many parish/church-based volunteers was very much in evidence.

CFA intends to create a docu-feature from the election video coverage and interviews. This caps CFA’s whole three-year program on voters’ education and good governance, which included posters, booklets, songwriting contests and concert, video documentaries and public service announcements, fora on media and the elections – generally in partnership with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) and the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP).
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