Taking Sides: Advocacy Journalism and Good Governance

Jul 1st 2010

In a seminal essay on development communication, the late Genaro V. Ong, CFA’s first managing director, argues “to put the modern media of social communication at the service of development.” By preferring the term “social communication,” Ong stresses that human values and human dignity should be inherent in the act of communication. The essay was written in 1976, but it remains relevant today as a reminder for media practitioners who work under the pressures of commercialism.

The Annual Genaro V. Ong Lecture will provide the venue for leading media practitioners and scholars where they can pause and assess the performance of the media in the context of development. It is envisioned to be a reflection on the theory and practice of communication in our country.

In this year’s inaugural lecture, Taking Sides: Advocacy Journalism and Good Governance, Marites Vitug, editor-in-chief of Newsbreak and author of “Shadow of Doubt”, will address the issues on advocacy journalism in the Philippine commercial system and the media’s stance towards government and in the campaign for good governance. The panelists who will react to the lecture are Manuel Quezon III (The Inquirer), Luchi Cruz-Valdes (TV5) and Lito Zulueta (University of Santo Tomas).

The forum will be held at 1:30 p.m on July 30, 2010 at the CFA Lagerwey Hall. Admission is free but reservation is a must. For inquiries and reservation, please contact Ms. Melissa Cortez at 713-2732 or 713-2981 loc. 183 or email us at training@cfamedia.org.

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