Dhaka Filmfest Spirituality Award Presented At CFA To Filipino Film

Feb 17th 2012

CFA’s 6th Film and Faith seminar became the venue for the presentation of an international Film Festival award to CFA consultant Clodualdo “Doy” del Mundo for his film, Paglipad ng Anghel (Flight of an Angel). The 2011 film, which was scripted and directed by del Mundo, won the award for Best Fiction Feature in the Spirituality section of the 12th Dhaka International Film Festival held in mid-January 2012. Bro. Bernard Oca, Vice-Chancellor of La Sallian Mission, was also on hand to receive the award as a representative of De La Salle University, which produced the film as part of the celebration of the Tricentennial anniversary of De La Salle University. The Dhaka Festival trophy was presented by Fr. Peter Malone to both Bro. Oca and Prof. del Mundo during the second afternoon of the seminar at CFA.

The Festival in Bangladesh attracts films from many countries, although the majority of entries come from the Asian-Australasian region. The Spirituality section of the Dhaka Festival is a fairly new category, added in recent years upon the encouragement of SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication. Fr. Peter Malone, then President of SIGNIS, served as part of the interfaith jury of the Spirituality section. The winners in this section become the SIGNIS winners as well.

Awards for the Spirituality Section are in two categories: documentary and fiction film. The jury members for this year’s Spirituality Section are: Peter Malone of Signis (Australia), chairperson, Abdullah Esfandiari, Farabi (Iran) and Simone Semprini, Religion Today, (Italy).

In the Jury Statement released when the awards were announced in Dhaka, the members stated: “We looked for signs of spirituality, indications of something beyond ordinary life. Mere representations of rituals or ceremonies are not sufficient for spirituality films. Some of the films were of religious, historical and social interest more than of spiritual interest. These pointers were some of the criteria we used for decisions.”

The jury announced that in the fiction film section, the prize was awarded to the full-length feature from the Philippines, Paglipad ng Anghel (Flight of an Angel). The jury called it “a gentle film, very much in the Filipino cultural style, a mixture of fantasy and humour, with an underlying moral perspective.” The jury further described the film thus: “A good-living young man performs a kindness and finds he grows wings and becomes an angel. This challenges his way of seeing himself as an ordinary man, strengths and flaws. It is in the tradition of many popular films, especially American, like It’s a Wonderful Life, which see angels as symbols of transcendence and grace.”

During the awards ceremonies in Dhaka, Fr. Malone accepted the trophy on behalf of the Filipino film production. The following week, at the CFA film seminar, Fr. Malone presented the award he had carried from Bangladesh to the director and the producer of “Paglipad ng Anghel”.

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