Written by: Reynaldo Pangan

MAY 18th 2017

On May 5, 2017, CFA marked its 49th Foundation Day. Founded in 1968 as a non-profit and non-stock corporation by a Dutch missionary, the late Fr. Cornelio Lagerwey, MSC, whose birthday is also being celebrated on the said day. Fr. Cor was a friend and a brother, a visionary and his memory was CFA’s patrimony. He said that development communication was a tool to develop, to transform and use as an aid to development.The highlights of this year’s simple celebration included a visit to the grave of Fr. Cor at Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina, Metro Manila and followed by a concelebrated mass at CFA’s auditorium led by Fr. Bogey Cabrera, MSC Provincial, Fr. Filoteo C. Pelingon, MSC and Fr. Benjamin A. Alforque, MSC .

The concelebrated mass with our MSC priests: Fr. Bogey, Fr. Fil and Fr. Ben

Ms. Pie Fenomeno, CFA’s VP for Operations, remarked that CFA’s advocacy and the views it stands for will outlive everyone of us. She enjoined everyone to participate and work actively in the departmental signature projects slated for this year which were dubbed as “CFA’s 360 Degrees Perspective” in preparation for the 50th anniversary of CFA. Fr. Filoteo C. Pelingon, MSC, in his message to the staff mentioned that the employees and the management were the pillars of the institution. Without the people, CFA will cease to exist. CFA has existed for almost 50 years and it will exist for another 50 years. To serve God through media.

Ms.Pie: “CFA’s views and advocacy will outlive everyone of us”

A surprise performance prepared by CFA’s own pool of talents from different departments

The indoor games in the afternoon capped the day’s celebration