CFA Komiks Superheroes Jump from Print to Android

FEB 15TH 2013

The CHAMPs, a team of young komiks superheroes created by CFA and the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, are now featured in a game app for Android devices. The Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center (AJWCC) based the game on CFA’s voters education komiks/magazine. Ateneo developed the game pro bono for PPCRV.

At the start of the game, a player is asked to choose from any of the CHAMP characters whose role he wants to assume. (The game allows for more than one player.) In the style of Snakes-and-Ladders, the player is asked a series of election-related questions. His answer (if correct) advances him up the ladder; if wrong, he falls victim to a “tsunami.”

COMELEC spokesman James Jimenez is very upbeat about the game. “It challenges voters to remember certain [election] concepts to move forward,” Jimenez said. “The next question becomes a collaborative effort to answer [if the players want to] move forward again.”

The game is free. To install the game to your Android tablet or smartphone, click here or go to Google Play and search for “PPCRV.”