APRIL 18TH 2013

Calling all wannabe videomakers! Using your tablet, smartphone, digicam or videocam, create a short video related to the Gospels featured in our CFA magazines.

What kind of video? Your call! It could be just you, expressing your comments about the Gospel—how you interpret it, how you can apply it in everyday life, what you can’t understand about it. If you’re camera-shy, get your BFF, teacher, kasambahay, or friendly tricycle driver as talent. It could be a docu. Or a music video. Or a simple animation. Anything and everything. Let your creative juices flow! How short is “short?” Anywhere from a few seconds to 5 minutes.

Then what? Upload your video to any video-sharing sites, including (but not limited to) YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Video, DailyMotion and Vimeo. Send the URL of your uploaded video to or share it directly on our Facebook account.

Every month, we’ll pick the most outstanding entries. The best of the month will receive a Set of Illustrated Bible Comics! Not to mention the usual 15 minutes of fame.

Sorry, anybody named Spielberg, Ang Lee or Tarantino are disqualified.

For more information feel free to ask any questions on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.