CFA Gospel Story-telling

by Mary Ann Crisostomo
1st March 2018

Our minds and hearts share experiences through stories we hear and tell. Story-telling enriches and brings meaning to our lives. As part of the outreach and activities leading to the 50th Founding Anniversary of the Communication Foundation for Asia, the Gospel Storytelling was held on three separate dates, in cooperation with the Manila Department of Social Welfare(through Ms. Ana Liza Geronimo) and Barangay 592, Zone 58 (through Chairman Rhodel Rubio):

1. December 11, 2017 (Monday), with Mr. Jericho Natividad of the Programs Department, as narrator;


2. January 29, 2018 (Monday), with Ms. Aurora Celada of the Office of the President; and


3. February 21, 2018(Wednesday), with Mr. Pete dela Peña and Brian dela Peña of FMD


More than 40 day-care pupils were touched, taught, inspired and motivated by the values-filled stories taught by our narrators.