Gospel Magazines Goes Digital

August 2020

We always take pride in seeing young students flipping through the pages of our printed Gospel magazines, enjoying its beautiful stories and gaining good value from it. Everything is far from the usual now as we all know. The schools are shifting into digital and students will not be on their classrooms anymore. Learning materials are also taking digital form as well. Over the decades, our magazines have been a constant supplemental material in schools and this pandemic will not change that. Set aside your worries as our Gospel magazines can now be browsed with the swipe of your fingertip.

Believe it or not, all our faith-based magazines just underwent a digital makeover! Exciting features you have never seen before such as animated videos and interactive activities have been added, as if each pages suddenly came into life. Who said answering quizzes is not fun? It is truly amazing that our Gospel magazines just got better and closer for all the young ones studying at home.